Eclat Gonzo pivotal seat



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The éclat Gonzo Pivotal seat isn’t just another Pivotal seat; the Gonzo has been redesigned from the ground up to prevent Pivotal seat breakage. Up top, the front of the seat is shaped with a slight down-turn nose end to reduce the stresses of harsh landings; while underneath, the Gonzo Pivotal features thicker, redesigned struts for the same reason. Quite simply, it’s a better seat for the Pivotal seat system known, used and trusted by so many. Constructed of 100% nylon with a micro fiber padded top cover.

Material: 100% nylon, kevlar or canvas topcover rail-less pivotal system
Specials: new developed shape and base construction designed by éclat

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Weight340 g
Dimensions24 × 14 × 9 cm